ABY: Litter born January 8th 2015


S*Maghreb´s Snorkfröken ABY o & SE*Adman100Katter Hezekiah ABY n

pedigree here  Pictures here


3 ruddy girls

  • S*Maghreb´s Pippi, ABY n reserved
  • S*Maghreb´s Pippilotta, ABY n reserved
  • S*Maghreb´s Viktualia, ABY n reserved


ABY: Litter born January 27 2015

CH S*Abbey Garden Lady Marrakech ABY o &

SE*Adman100Katter Hezekiah ABY n


5 kittens: two ruddy girls, one blue girl and two ruddy boys

  • S*Maghreb´s Rullgardina, girl reserved ABY n
  • S*Maghreb´s Efraimsdotter, girl  reserved ABY n
  • S*Maghreb´s Krusmynta, blue girl reserved ABY a
  • S*Maghreb´s Efraim, boy reserved ABY n
  • S*Maghreb´s Herr Nilsson, boy reserved ABY n


pedigree here       pictures here



OCI:Litter planned for spring 2015


Abyrose New Dawn OCI b 24 and S*Maghreb´s Felix OCI o 24

pedigree here


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