Maghreb´s Gentlemen


HighGaitPaws Zlatan Aby n 20140821


PRA-DNA test: Normal      

PK deficiency: Normal Blood Group: not tested yet


Thank you Dave and Mindy for beautiful Zlatan who is a happy Aby boy and my up and coming prince charming

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    SE*Adman100katter Hezekiah ABY n

    Thank you Elena for the privilege to have the lovely boy Zeke. He is available for mating with a suitable girl.


  • PRA-DNA test: Normal
  • PK deficiency: Normal

    Blood Group: not tested yet


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  • Oliver, pedigree name IC (N)Oliveroci´s Count OCI o 24  Neutered 2010

    Cinnamon spotted male  DB 2007-02-10

    Registration nr:(S)SVERAK LO 235391

    Previously ((N)NRR LO 147327)

    Health test:

    • HCM scanning: 2008-01-07 Normal
    • PRA-DNA test: Normal
    • PK deficiency: Normal
    • Ophtamologic examination: 2008-01-17 Normal

    Virus, mycoplasma, parasites tested 2010-09-15 by SVA

    Tested with PCR technique for Herpes, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma felis, Tritrichomonas foetus: All negative no, DNA from these organisms present. Live Calici virus, negative no virus present.


    Offspring: 6 litters 18 kittens

    Pedigree       Photos


    By the courtesy of Kirsten and Björn Læknes, with the Norwegian cattery Oliveroci´s, beautiful Count has moved to us and has settled in wonderfully in our household. He was neutered in November 2010 and lives with us in Älvsjö






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