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Welcome to Maghreb´s

I live with my partner and our son and cats in Älvsjö outside Stockholm, Sweden. Our cats live as our family members, my aim for them and their kittens in the breeding program is to have happy, healthy individuals that live in harmony with their natural preferences.

Since there is a limit to how many cats you can have in a home, some of my breeding cats live with friends as their adored pets. When their breeding career is over the ownership of the neutered cat goes over to them. My aim for the Abyssinian  breed is improvement of health. To achieve this I import cats with new bloodlines to Sweden and I minimize inbreeding in my litters. I am a Sverak Certified breeder and I was previously the chairman of Aby & Somaliringen, a breed organisation that works with cat related issues.

I have bred abyssinians since 2004.  My kittens are sold with double vaccination, de-wormed, ID-chipped, veterinary checked with pedigree according to Sveraks contracts and regulation. In addition they are insured against hidden faults. I do not neuter /spay kittens before sale. All cats registered in SVERAK, member of FIFE. If a future kitten owner lives in suitable surroundings and have carefully and properly trained the kitten I prefer if they have supervized access to the outdoors.

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