Beginning of May Oliver and Mimmi moved to Fransisca and family att Ingarö. However after a week it was clear that Oliver couldn´t adjust whereas Mimmi loved her new home. Oliver came back after a week and will stay here at Älvsjö. Instead Felicia moved to a new home at Ljusterö where she will be a single cat as she prefers.



Our national cat registry SVERAK published their cat registry database with free access on the net! Over 300 000 searchable pedigrees. Click here



Sadly I have to rehome my boy Oliver now since he cannot get along with my oldest cat Felicia. They never liked each other, but now they simply cannot live in the same house anymore. 



Well it seems like Cissi didn´t get pregnant after all. I didn´t see a successful mating at the time, but they sure tried hard so I assumed they managed when I was not there. Well well, they will try again as soon as she comes in heat again.



Saga got her Champion title at the TopCatClub show in Stockholm. She will mate Giorgio as soon as she comes in heat.



Saga got her first CAC and Hajen (Firecracker) got his excellent 1 in class 11 at the Norrköping show. They both did very well and got excellent remarks from the judges.



Cissi became Champion at ASKs show in Borlänge this weekend. She is so beautiful, I am so looking forward to her litter with Firecracker this fall.



Cissi is turning into a stunning beauty and she and Abbas are so happy to live together with my friend Birgitta and her son.


Here at Älvsjö we are also excited over the up and coming event of the arrival of our new family member Saga, a ruddy Abyssinian girl. 



Yesterday Smilla and Cristiano flew to New Zeeland. It was hard to leave them at the airport and the house is unbelivably quiet this morning when all kittens have left. Smilla will be joining Jody with Abyrose cattery and Cristiano will stay 3 months with Jody and then go to Jenni in Australia. I am so glad the kittens flew together and that there will be no quarantine for neither of them. Clarissa moved to her new home also, but she will be living closer, in Spånga!


Cissi moved already a month ago to Solna to live with her brother Abbas and Birgitta. The plan is that Cissi, Insch´Allah, will have a litter at Christmas 2011.


2010-11-13, 14

Viggo, pedigree name S*Coco-Donnas Jonatan OCI p 24  was at the Järva catclub show and got his first two CAC. He got wonderful remarks for his excelent body, coat texture, pattern, color. Everything perfect, almost, his box could be stronger and the top of the head a little broader. He is only 12 months so I am sure this will come with time. His temperament at the table with the judge was outstanding.
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